With a very saddened heart, we have closed Catalyst Cuisine. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us, cheering us on, and letting us feed you. After delivering over 100K meals nationwide, we can unfortunately no longer keep our doors open. Our hearts however will stay open for you forever and are filled with wishes for health and happiness. Our final orders have been shipped, for delivery on Tuesday, November 20. We will be refunding anyone who has future orders that have not yet been shipped. If you have any issues with your most recent order, please contact us at info@catalystcuisine.com so that we can make it right. If you are interested in connecting, Irina will be offering phone wellness consultations, cooking classes (in person or online), or can cook for you as a personal chef local to the Santa Barbara area. Please contact her directly at irina@catalystcuisine.com.