How to change meals for a subscription order

How to change meals for a subscription order

You can change the subscription meals you receive in your account. There is a bit of a system to it and I am sorry it is a bit detailed (that's what the website service we have right now offers. We are working hard to be able to build a customized website just for our business as soon as possible).

To manage your subscriptions:

Log into your account and then click on the link 'manage subscription' , which you see under your name. Then click on ‘order# 1’ and a bunch of dates will pop up. Those are not your delivery dates but the dates your order will be placed from your account into our account. After your order is placed into our account you cannot manage that particular order anymore only the ones that are upcoming and not placed yet.

With your initial subscription order you choose a day of the week when your delivery arrives (you can choose Tuesdays or Thursdays in our delivery calender that is found at the bottom of your cart section) and that will be the same day of the week your order will arrive from then on. So your delivery date is the day of the week that you initially picked that follows the order date.

The order date must be at least 3 days ahead of your delivery day for your meals to be placed in time to fall into our kitchen’s production schedule.

You can change the meals in your order until your order date is up. Click on the 'manage' button on the right of where you see ‘order#1’ listes and in there a window pops up where you have options to swap meals, add products,...

I hope this helps you understand the system. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.