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Your Gut is a Garden

I love gardening and seeing plants grow, admiring the beauty of flowers and vegetables as they develop.

Creating meals is another way for me to garden. This time the garden is not out in my backyard, but in the bellies of the people I feed.

Inside of each of your bellies is fertile ground. What we eat determines how we cultivate that garden and whether or not we grow the fruits of health and happiness. You can grow a beautiful healthy garden inside your belly, or you can shrivel the fertile ground and deplete the ecosystem of what it needs.

If we think about our bodies in this way - that each one of us is a gardener, inseparably connected to our garden - we’ll be reminded that the way we take care of our gut will ultimately affect how we harvest our health.

To learn about your inner garden, watch the video below from Dr. Mark Hyman on how and why we should treat the balance of our microbiome.