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Why I run (it might not be why you think...)

Four years ago I was told by my rheumatologist that I would never be able to run again.

These days I go on a run 3-4 times per week.

But proving the rheumatologist wrong isn't the only motivation that makes me get up before my kids in the morning and put on my running shoes. The other reason I am committed to my weekly runs is because I recently listened to Dr. Perlmutter’s podcast on aerobic exercise. Learning about the strong connection between brain health and aerobic exercise makes my morning runs even more filled with meaning and accomplishment, because I knowing that I'm growing my brain while exercising as well:

If running is not the aerobic exercise of your choice right now to grow your brain and health, a brisk walk, jog, swim, cycle, jump on the trampoline, or dancing are great ways to get your body moving. Followed up with delicious, nourishing food of course.

And if you have the possibility to go on a run or brisk walk with a child in your life, take them with you! Their brain grows while exercising too :)