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Why I cried last Christmas

Last Christmas I received a present that made me cry.

My sister, who lives in Germany, sent me a book. I skimmed through the introduction and flipped to page 31. When I looked at the images displayed on that page, something inside me was deeply moved - I started weeping intensely, grieving at what I saw in the pictures.  

You must be wondering what kind of images I looked at that invoked such a reaction. The pictures showed images of food. The swiss food researcher A.W. Daenzer uses a crystallization imaging technique to reveal the inner order of food. His book "The Invisible Power Within Foods" is filled with over 50 food images. There is no interpretation or explanation from the author to the pictures. You simply look at the displayed crystallized images (zoomed in anywhere from 200x to 1000x through a microscope) of organic foods versus non-organic foods, and observe the differences in structure between each image.

I wanted to share with you the pictures I looked at on page 31 in A.W. Daenzer’s book. It is the crystallization of a conventional (non-organic) apple and next to it, an organic apple.

organic nonorganic apple

Page 31 of A.W. Daenzer's book, "The Invisible Power Within Foods," shows the difference between a non-organic (conventional) and an organic apple at a microscopic level. 

Below, the images of non-organic (conventional) red wine and organic red wine:

organic nonorganic red wine

From Page 60/61 of A.W. Daenzer's book, "The Invisible Power Within Foods," shows the difference between non-organic and organic red wine. 

See what comes up for you when you look at these images - what you can see, perhaps an insight into what you eat and what we grow in the world.  

You can find more info about the book here