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The only supplement I take ūü§Ē

I admit it... I'm not much of a supplement person. I just revolt against swallowing a bunch of pills daily. Even when I was greatly impacted by my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, it was hard for me to take the dose of supplements in pill and powder form that my naturopathic doctor prescribed.

But there is one exception to my rule: Collagen.

I honestly enjoy taking collagen, and it’s easy to add to soups, smoothies, and hot drinks. In fact, I take collagen daily because it is one of the few supplements I have tried that truly feels good! Not to mention, it is claimed to be one of the top healing foods by many functional doctors. Here are four unique benefits of collagen that I thought you might find interesting:

  1. Helps to heal your digestive tract and leaky gut. Collagen repairs the gut lining, tightening and toning it to promote overall health.

  2. Increases joint health. Collagen is a building block that allows your body to create new and healthy tissues.

  3. Tones and tightens your skin. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen - supplementing with it can help to reduce cellulite.

  4. Supports healthy metabolism, and with that, supports fat burning, weight loss, and building muscle.

Collagen comes in a powder form and I love how easily it dissolves in hot liquids and blends into cold liquids too. From a chef's perspective, I've really enjoyed adding it into our Chicken Soup or blending it into our Romaine Warrior Smoothie for a little extra thickness... even adding it to dressings or curry sauce.

In my efforts to continuously provide you with information that has helped me along my own wellness journey, I would encourage you to consider giving collagen a try!