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Kelly Clarkson gains health - here's how

A few days ago, I was informed by my coworker that it was all over the media that Kelly Clarkson is attributing her recent health improvements and weight loss to eating meals that are in accordance with what we at Catalyst Cuisine provide: anti-inflammatory and lectin-free foods. My response was: Great! ….And who is Kelly Clarkson?

I must confess I live behind the moon when it comes to famous people. However, after watching Kelly in a few interviews, I became very fond of how she is approaching her health, body image, and the way in which she is sharing information about her success with the world.

Kelly Clarkson

It is so wonderful to hear that she is now off of the medications she used to be reliant on due to her autoimmune disease and thyroid condition -- all by changing the way she eats to follow the guidelines in Dr. Gundry's book, The Plant Paradox. Kelly points out that the media ‘noticed’ her health gain because as a side effect of her wellness journey, she also lost 37 pounds.

We want to say: Congratulations to Kelly Clarkson for gaining your health. And thank you for inspiring many more people to do the same!