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Introducing the Kai Bar!

A new product for you!  Kai Bar - the no-frills bar so you can focus on achieving your goals.

We created this bar so you can take something with you on the go and still eat anti-inflammatory. We use 4 real food ingredients: skinless almonds, pecans, freeze-dried raspberries and a very small amount of sweetness from dates. And then we add prebiotic fibers, starches and baking soda to keep your gut healthy. Kai Bar is the only bar made from skinless almonds to assure that you get maximum anti-inflammatory benefits.

Now you might wonder why we named it "Kai Bar".

Kai is a very inspiring person in my life. He is my youngest son. If this five-year-old has set his mind on something, no matter what the obstacle may be, he will employ his full willpower, genius and determination to achieve what his mind is set to accomplish.

Kai’s inspiring determination to achieve his ambitions is the energy we pack into our Kai products. Let Kai’s energy inspire you to aim and reach your goals!