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Gut Health On The Go!

As much as I love to travel, my gut usually dislikes it - and with summer plans coming upon us, it's even more on my mind. New places to eat, the lack of eating routines, lots of meals on-the-go and in restaurants, and unstructured days that make it hard to eat so I don’t feel stuffed, bloated and uncomfortable.

I know how important it is for me to eat right for my gut, and traveling continues to be extremely challenging for me to keep up my routine. I remember some trips where I just wouldn’t eat because I didn’t want to be in pain.

I’m sure I am not alone with this challenge, so here are three tips on how to make travel less of a hazard for your gut:

  1. Stock your hotel room fridge with snack items like avocados, olives and peeled almonds, and/or have your Catalyst Cuisine meals shipped to your hotel or destination. Make sure the fridge temperature is set properly so the meals are being refrigerated, not frozen.

  2. Plan your restaurant meals ahead of time: e.g. lunches will always be salads, dinner will be seafood with vegetables… so you don’t get seduced by choices on the restaurant menu that you will regret eating after the fact.

  3. Plan ahead if you have to eat at the airport. The likelihood that there are no good food choices available is high, and your best bet is to bring your meals with you to the airport. Just make sure the items you bring will make it through security! I often make my travel day (spent in the airport/aircraft) my fasting day because that seems to work better for me than finding good airport food.

One benefit to Catalyst Cuisine meals is that we will ship anywhere nationwide that FedEx delivers! Many of our customers choose to ship their meals to wherever they may be staying. Just be sure to check in with your hotel or temporary residence to make sure they know a shipment is coming for you.