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Finding Balance Between 3 And 6

You may say: I eat healthy! I don’t eat an inflammatory diet.  Let’s see…

I was amazed to learn that the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids turns on inflammation in the body and the consumption of omega-3 fatty acid turns off inflammation in the body.

Both abilities (turning on and off inflammation in our bodies) are crucial to our survival.


Recent studies show that indigenous cultures consume a ratio of about 1:1 of omega-3 fatty acids and omega- 6 fatty acids (these cultures have close to zero of the modern western diseases caused by prolonged inflammation like cancer, diabetes  and  heart disease).


The ratio of omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acids for a person living in the western developed world today, depending on how healthy their diet is, is between 1:20 (healthy diet) and 1:40 (unhealthy diet)


So if a western person eats healthy they still turn on the light switch in the body 20 times per day signaling the body to inflame and only ONE time to turn off inflammation.


I find that crazy and absolute intolerable. It’s not just playing with fire, it’s pouring gasoline in a huge fire and you can’t feel the heat, you don’t hear the burn, you don’t smell the smoke until you are burnt greatly from the inside out and hopefully get an early diagnosis one day not a late diagnosis.

You may say: I eat healthy! I don’t eat an inflammatory diet.  Let’s see…

(Looking at omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid consumption is only one angle to look at inflammatory foods that we consume. We could also look at it through sugar consumption)


So what’s the solution?

Aiming to equalize omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids consumption in food intake seems like a good idea to me. Sounds easy and currently it requires all of your cooking being done in your own kitchen by someone who is highly trained in the anti-inflammatory cuisine. Because, and this is really what make me worried, there are close to ZERO prepared foods in the western world that are prepared according to an optimized  anti-inflammatory food guide. And it’s not because of costs associated or difficulty preparing these foods. They are cheap and easy to make (I call it: EASY HEALTH CHEAP). The only reason we don’t have this food ready to eat is because of ignorance, fear of change and because we like to keep doing the same things over and over again even if they don’t work.


The good news is that Catalyst Cuisine is changing that. Place an order today and receive a free anti-inflammatory food list with your first order.