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Choices: 3 Day Kickstart Cleanse Packages Now Offered!

My five year old loves to be in control and often that results in a power struggle between me and him, possibly due to the fact that I also love to be in control :) Over the years I have figured out a way of dealing with this situation without causing guaranteed meltdowns: I give him three choices of what he can do in that particular situation. And it works - often.  

The reason it works is because of the way we are hardwired as humans.

Choices = control = survival

The other reason why it works is because I give my son three choices. Too few choices can have the opposite effect of what I want to achieve. Too many choices can be confusing, paralyzing, and worse than unsatisfying — it can be dissatisfying to my son.

Too many choices are not just dissatisfying to my son, but also to you. We've heard your feedback and made your ordering process for the 3-day Kickstart Cleanse much easier! Now you are only 3 choices and one click away from kickstarting your health, without having to wonder what to choose (you can of course still build your own Kickstart Cleanse by choosing items marked with the KSP logo!)

We're here to support you in every step along your wellness journey. Our goal is to empower you to live your best life possible. Know a friend that might benefit from a Phase 1-approved Kickstart Cleanse? Share this post with them!