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Cheers to you! 🍷

It’s that time of year for gatherings with friends and family! I know that drinking in social settings can sometimes seem like a requirement if you don’t want to feel like the person who doesn’t quite fit in. However, alcohol is a tough one to include in an anti-inflammatory diet -- if at all, very little should be consumed.

So, how to fit into the social gathering and not drink alcohol can be a dilemma. Often my solution is to sip on a glass of sparkling water with a lime wedge... and pretend it’s a gin and tonic :) But in the rare instances I choose to have an alcoholic beverage I refer to my list of ‘better alcoholic beverages for you’. I hope this list helps you to choose the drink that’s best for you when out celebrating summer with friends.

Better alcoholic beverages for you:

As a general guideline: consume alcohol with a meal and don’t exceed 4-6 oz per day of wine or 1 oz of spirits.

Champagne: Contains high levels of polyphenols that can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems

Choose red wine over white wine: Red wine has much lower sugar content than white wine. Red wine also has more potent antioxidants than white wine.

Choose darker aged spirits (like whisky, bourbon, cognac and dark tequila) over clear spirits: Wood aged dark spirits contain polyphenols which aid your health.

Photo: Helena Lopes