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Catalyst Cuisine Survey Reveals Customers’ Strong Belief in Healing Through Food

More Than 66% Reported that Catalyst Cuisine Is Improving Their Health

Catalyst Cuisine, an anti-inflammatory meal delivery service, today released the results of its recent customer survey. More than 40% of those surveyed use Catalyst Cuisine’s food to help them deal with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Hashimoto’s. The company’s broad selection of fresh, ready-to-eat meals has been created specifically to deal with ongoing health challenges.

The company’s cuisine was adopted by Dr. Steven Gundry, cardiac surgeon and the best-selling author of "The Plant Paradox." In his book, Dr. Gundry states, “In this recipe section, I’ve provided thirty-six easy-to-prepare dishes. Irina Skoeries of Catalyst Cuisine developed the recipes for the Three-Day Kick-Start Cleanse, along with the meal plans for this initial phase, for which I owe her a debt of gratitude.” The Kick-Start Plan is a health-acceleration protocol where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all Catalyst Cuisine meals. It is the fastest way to reduce inflammation in the body and feel the positive effects on health.

Irina Skoeries, co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Catalyst Cuisine

Catalyst Cuisine conducted the survey to get closer to customers and validate the impact of its meals on customers’ health. Specific survey results included:

●    84% of respondents are convinced food is the solution to leading a healthier life; 
●    92% joined Catalyst Cuisine to become healthier or treat an autoimmune disease; 
●    66% stated that Catalyst Cuisine is helping to improve their health; 
●    70% of customers have recommended Catalyst Cuisine to friends, family and colleagues; 
●    Respondents agreed generally that “It was a no brainer to eat healthy” since meals are tasty, come prepared and are ready to serve in less than 3 minutes; 
●    Respondents reported that they felt better, had improved energy and mental clarity as a result of eating Catalyst Cuisine meals.

Irina Skoeries, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Catalyst Cuisine said, "I believe food can be one of our most powerful medicines; it has immense healing potential. I have experienced the power of nutrition many times in my life. As a chef who has personally felt the life-threatening power of the crippling autoimmune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis, I founded the business based on the principle that eating the right foods can restore health and balance."

Delicious organic and lectin free meals are created to promote wellness. Since the meals are delivered fresh using overnight delivery, it takes the hassle out of shopping and preparation. Only pasture raised poultry, wild caught fish and local sustainable produce are utilized. Catalyst Cuisine’s nutrient-dense meals are paleo, and contain no gluten, dairy, sugar or grains. Vegan selections are available and new items are added regularly.

Please visit Catalyst Cuisine at the National Association of Nutrition Professionals Conference in Monterey, CA from April 19 to 22, Booth 40.

About Catalyst Cuisine: 
Catalyst Cuisine’s mission is to create food that heals by reducing inflammation in the body. The company’s focus is on helping families and individuals lead healthy lives. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Catalyst Cuisine was founded in 2016 to provide anti-inflammatory meals and support for customers to transition to a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Meals contain only the highest organic quality ingredients—pasture raised poultry, wild caught fish and local, sustainable produce.

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