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12 ways to rethink cauliflower!

While eating grain-free comes with many health advantages, I know that it can feel like it comes with many disadvantages too. One of them is the feeling of losing the many variety of foods that you can eat. But if you take a closer look at the food list that a common grain eater loves, you quickly see there is actually not a lot of variety in the grain eaters diet!

It’s mostly wheat disguised in many different shapes, textures, and forms.

The variety of foods that come with a grain eating diet is just an illusion:

For breakfast... a bagel (wheat).
For lunch... pasta (wheat).
As an afternoon treat... a muffin (wheat).
For dinner... pizza (wheat).

All we non-grain eaters need to do is find an adequate substitute to wheat that can be used in similar versatile ways! And THIS is where the magical cauliflower steps in. Cauliflower is extremely versatile - look for it to make these, and many other recipes:

  1. Pizza crust
  2. Sandwich thins (same recipe as pizza crust, just a smaller size!)
  3. Rice substitute
  4. Mashed potato substitute
  5. Granola
  6. Rolls
  7. Tabbouleh salad
  8. Couscous
  9. Cauliflower hash
  10. Tortillas
  11. Hummus
  12. Shepherd’s pie